Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare

I had the opportunity to shoot the latest round of commercials for Gillette Children's. It was a unique shoot due to our talent being actual patients at the hospital. Working with these kids was a great experience. You'd think they'd have been doing this for years. 

photos: Lacey Criswell


Tyler Fernengel BMX Session: Silverdome, is a film that I shot alongside Ryan Taylor. We were given unrestricted access to the abandoned Silverdome.

Become co handled the buildout of the stadium. They turned it into a BMX playground in only 4 days. As we were shooting the finished features, they were working ahead to make sure we had what was needed to stay on schedule.

Shooting with athletes can be a difficult and time consuming process for both sides. Our rider Tyler, was thrown into a situation where he needed to land certain tricks on action. Typically, he would not have a time constraint put on him to land a trick. Normally, it could take a whole day for him to land something. On our schedule, we were asking to shoot 2-3 locations a day. It was a back and forth balance between making sure we were capturing what we needed, and making sure Tyler was comfortable. Normally, he doesn't have to wait for lights to be setup and cameras to be placed. It takes a true professional athlete to work under our conditions.

photo by:  joe gall

photo by: joe gall